a most delicious slop

by Bran Crown

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    All tracks were written in '08-'09 and recorded first take. You may notice layered tracks to disguise some slop, but enough is left in tact as proof of humanity (mostly apathy). These home recordings that are about to mate with your temporal lobe were compiled to honor the conception of this solo project, so most of these salty dogs will never be played by me again (unless you trade beer). You may come across other demos in existence with the same name but different track listing, disregard them. They will not be listened to and neither will this. Together, we can kill Bran Crown.




This is yer steppin' stone.


released June 6, 2006

All songs written by Don Parrish. Tracks 1, 3, & 6 were written when recorded during a garageband experiment in October '08. Many thanks to trees for supplying enough oxygen for me to get this far.

To receive a free copy in the mail with some extra tracks, email: brancrown@gmail.com for shipping deets.



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Track Name: A Certain Festering
I'm not one for the cinema, modern things are just so predictable
It could've been someone else telling you
but mundane things are just much more pleasurable

Haven't you heard
You should never cage a bird
Track Name: Organized Clutter (Talk Radio)
Why do you lock the house when your home?
It just rained, so why must you wash your car?
We're already drunk and still you want to head to the bar

Why do you decorate your garden with gnomes?
Why do you say it's close when it's far?
You can't come to terms with the sun as a star

You are an idiot savant, you are
Your naivety must be bliss
Because I mistook it for ignorance
Track Name: And So The Story Went
And when it ends, it won't seem logical
You won't see me jump up the nearest pole
I'm eager but I just can't pass this obstacle
And when it stops, you'll just feel really cold (ridiculed)

And so the story goes

I got a job at a new age coffee shop
I quit the job, I told you I would stop

I wish I was just sane or maybe logical
Track Name: Sour Mash
Day is day because they say that night is night tonight
Day after day I guess I'll say alright, they're right
But what if the sun forgot to shine
And the moon forgot to light the night

I guess that we'd be so far gone by then

We'd be reduced to only cheap wine
cheap cigarettes with no match to light
and a race to nowhere where no one ever wins

It's safe to say that this night will be the night
To follow the lonesome day without it's light
But don't be shocked by this news
Just prepare your lungs, your liver, and your running shoes
Track Name: Spare Keys Plea
Burn out young, dying star
I hope you travel far away from me
Don't come back again some day

You're not the only one who looks swell in the setting sun
No way, and I won't be just a pawn in some lousy game

Please hide all the spare keys
I don't want to know how to get home
I'd beg and I'd plead but you weren't having any
So just leave me be
Wait, just one more thing

Tell me, is there more to life?
I just don't know

Turn down your ears now
Our heads won't reach the clouds for us
So let's burn out above the stars, inside the car
Walk to the nearest bar
Who says we can't travel that far away from this

Don't tell me there is more to life
Nobody knows
Track Name: New Aged Jingle For An Old Aged Soul or Palm Sunday
I wish I were a humanist and Luddite
That is what I truly want to be
'Cuz if I were a humanist and Luddite
I'd be free from fuckin' society