Fünf Lieder

by Bran Crown

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Releases June 4th, 2015


released June 4, 2015



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Bran Crown California

Bland Clown

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Track Name: Drunken Peasant
my xmas bonus came but i already spent it on a case of beer and smokes from 711
how i wish this year i could afford more than my presence as your present
so im sorry dear if you were expecting a little more than a drunken peasant
but you dont want my lovin for xmas
you'd take any other love except from me or jesus
do you have the time to make up your mind
how do i make you mine on this silent night
Track Name: When I'm Older
i don't like the weather when i can't wear a sweater
it chills me to the bone
you could make it better make it october all redder
already i mean, its redder

i've got high hopes for something a little colder
sell me all your fancy dopes when i'm older
Track Name: I Said Goodbye
there was never a time when i wanted to die then when i said goodbye
you left now where did you go i dont know i wanna know
would you tell me so, i want to know
i want to know how i don't wanna know

you said hi
i said goodbye
i dont mind
i'll just never figure out why i said goodbye
Track Name: I Just Wanna Go Out
if there's such a thing as true love i want out because you're the one and i'd rather not love anyone

and i just wanna cut loose but i hear that you're with someone new

if you're going out i'm staying in
don't wanna risk seeing you with him
i'm still growing up, can't help but feel down
but that's not what this is about

i just wanna go out
Track Name: Cannes City, City of Cans
cannes city, city of cans
i've stumbled and weaved through her buildings
what's more to say, they only matter in may
but all the painted whores and critics agree
there's only not-to-be-missed screenings

cannes city would seem all the less pretty
without us together within
you reel like a movie, the projector is moving
in and throughout my head
we should find a proper theater instead
don't kids still make-out in them?