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by Bran Crown

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Evan McGowan
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Evan McGowan If you fail to enjoy Bran Crown, I will stomp on your cranium Favorite track: A Song Once Calling Now Retreats.
Steven Patterson
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Steven Patterson This album has been a long time coming. I've been listening to his stuff for years. And am still. The range of material in this album is stellar. Favorite track: How To Live In Now.
Sean Patrick
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Sean Patrick in the future, music will be dead.
all that will be left, will be bran crown. Favorite track: A Song Once Calling Now Retreats.
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released March 3, 2013

Recorded by Fera in his kitchen. All songs written by Don Parrish except for "Rocky Mountain Time" written by John Prine.



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Bran Crown California

Bland Clown

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Track Name: That Northern State of Mind
You say you're the better man, that I walk on all four limbs
Two youngbloods went toe to toe, she stopped to see who'd win
It looks like you're the stronger man, my face did find the ground
Cries were felt from miles 'round, but she didn't make a sound
Not a single sound

Wait, wait, wait don't tell me, I think I already know
I've passed to the unknown

On a motorbike she screamed away in the carpool lane
Fleeing from that scene of crime she'd been by that day
Near a liquor shop, she stopped off, used the phone, tipped off the cop
She told the tale of that ruthless man who just refused to stop
He did not stop

Stop, stop, hey wait a minute, where went all my time
I think I lost my mind

Now for my own peace of mind, we'll say he is still alive
I know I'm not a ruthless man, I'll just never swallow my goddamn precious pride
Track Name: Barrier
Barriers in speech create holes in my head
And seldom do we witness what's better off dead
The crate and the piston keep pushin' on
And always we intend to design from our speeches
Courted and led on the edge of a whim
Taken and spoken for the taste of the peaches

I've been workin' all day, I've been sleepin' for weeks
I've been dozin' off all goddamn year
I've been scrapin' the soles of my shoes on the street
(I've been bangin' the backs of my boots on the beach)
And I've been yellin' forever, can't you hear?
Track Name: Gone To See L.A.
I once had me a true song bird, and she'd sing so well
She sang for so long just for me
But as with most things, sooner or later a hard rain fell
Now you won't take my call, nothing at all
Won't you ring my bell?

Those lies were controlling, but now the truth is out
You ain't got no hold on me
This life as we know it, surely ends by burning out
What did it cost me to be free?
Track Name: Toof Gib
If you listen carefully to that timbering tree in the boldest forest
You will notice sound exists only where your mind persists

If you watch attentively to the plaque of my teeth as it starts growing, glowing
If you want it for that locket or to keep it in your pocket then
here's to you

I'll get busy with that brushing when I'm not so sad and blue
I'll be leaving with somebody and it won't be with somebody new
Track Name: Rocky Mountain Time
Station was empty
Trains were all gone
Reached in my pocket
And waited for dawn

The clock played drums
And I hummed the sax
And the wind whistled down
The railroad tracks
Three for a quarter
One for a dime
I'll bet it's tomorrow
By Rocky Mountain time

Walked in the restaurant
For something to do
Waitress yelled at me
And so did the food
And the water tastes funny
When you're far from your home
But it's only the thirsty
That hunger to roam

We'll build us a castle on Main Street
And pretend that we're down on the farm
Hell, we'll hold out as long as we have to
Then we'll twist off each other's arm

Christ I'm so mixed up and lonely
I can't even make friends with my brain
I'm too young to be where I'm going
But I'm too old to go back again
Track Name: A Song Once Calling Now Retreats
Hey there little widowed bird hangin' in the sky
Do those feathers of yours weigh you down
like gravity and time? You claim you've lost your one and only
even your children left the "V"
Now you're perched starin' up at the sky through the branches and the leaves, pondering

Is this it? O' my, my, this must be it--
A life of shit that I don't wanna have to deal with

Please old little widowed bird won't you sing one time for me
That song that called her long ago, in all of it's beauty

When you go
You will know
That all we are is all we know
All we know is all we are
And all we are is all alone
Track Name: How To Live In Now
How can it be? You've gone and got yerself free
They said they'd keep you in there for life
I still can't believe the only witness was me
But here I am being chased by a knife

The damage was done, I wasn't havin' any fun
As I lay bleeding on that cold day
He must've thought I was dead since I was drenched in red
Lucky my tears didn't give me away

It's been a while since I've known how to live in now
It's easier done than said without them muscles workin' in your head
See, I ain't one for one cryin' and if'n you're needin' a reason why
I'll chalk it up to something in my eye

I was fixin' up my dishes, just mindin' my own buisness
When upon my door came a knock
I opened it wide, let the stranger inside
But all he wanted was to have a little talk

So we sat there in the kitchen, discussin' what I'm missing
How a certain man would help a lot
But that gal of mine without him is livin' just fine
So let's hope that she don't get caught

It's been a while since we've known how to live in now
It's easier done than said without them muscles workin' in your head
See, we ain't scared of dyin' and if'n you're needin' a reason why
We're leavin' it up to the nothin' in the sky
Track Name: Bootleggin'
It's been a long time since I've walked that straight line
Since everything's changed nobody's lookin' for me
They found out too soon what it costs to be free
O' sweet nuthin', please let it be me

Don't they say home provides honest friendship?
'Cuz I ain't yet had no friend quite like you
What was found is now lost and I can't find me, too
So won't you let me bring it right on home to you?

Lately, home ain't such a good place to find me
Unless you're lookin' upon my bed
The day bootlegs moonlight that sells from my head
So we can sleep with the sun out instead
I'm better off lonely than dead
Track Name: Maybe 2 or 3
Let's start out just for beginners
Would you tell me if you were a sinner?
'Cuz if you are then you're just like me

When I come home just for the winter
Would you take me out for a fancy dinner?
Better make damn sure it's nothin' short of a feast

There's a problem with the world and it's that everyone thinks that they're a good driver, but I know I don't stink
I've got sour news, 'cuz this seats two and you make us a few

When we go on down that river
When I push you in you're sure to shiver
But I'll make it up to you with a cup of tea
Maybe two or three
Track Name: Tithair
You tried to rise from bed until you noticed you was made of lead
I took back everything I said
You know it wasn't even close to what I meant

You're positively positive that you're absolutely certain
You're positively positive you're just a half a penny short
You're absolutely certain you need a half a nickel more

You were a minute late, your belongings fell to the interstate
I gave back everything I took
Except for a page of that little black book

You tried to rise from bed until you noticed you was made of lead
Wait, wait I think I found a cure
We could give it a try, I'm just still not sure

I tried to wake the dead before I realized I was one of them
Track Name: Better Health
I'll say it again
I know I don't have to but just say when
Mints could mask our mouths that reek of gin
I know I shouldn't drive, but mama I don't mind a thing with you

So buckle up and tie them shoes
Bottoms up to me and you
For not feelin' blue

The first time that I thought about how could you look so nice
was the second time I relearned what it was to have a vice
The fourth time beat the third time in a race for better health
Nothin' beats a fifth with you down from the highest shelf

Late again
I know I said 'round nine now it's half passed ten
I should've waited on oblivion
I know I couldn't drive, but mama I still tried to get to you

I buckled up and I tied them shoes
Let's just say the car is
Far from new
Track Name: Fate?
Come help me in falling, I'll calling
I don't want your fate, can't you tell?
As far as I see it, I'd be bored as hell
It's not so much as my place to dwell
And whether faithless, I'll mean just as well

So toss me your sins and your burdens
My shoulders can handle more weight than this
I'll make well of your whiskey, your wine or your gin
They say you won't be needing that where you are going

But it won't be long, no it can't be long before I'm something new
It may sound wrong but I've come and gone
More times than to know what to do

At risk of sounding crude I'm going to say it to you
What's new with you?

Are you helping yourself, or just stalling?
Your faith is not a crutch nor a spell
As far as I see it, in death you'll live well
But just who are you to say how you'll live
When your only judge indian gives?

But you won't be wrong, no you can't be wrong
It's something you just don't do
Just so you know, we'll come and go
And there's not a damn thing you can do