summer weaks

by Bran Crown

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13 songs written & recorded weekly (weakly) for summer '14


released September 22, 2014

[ 6/21 - 9/22 ]

All songs written by Don Parrish.



all rights reserved


Bran Crown California

Bland Clown

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Track Name: Pressing
You'll never know what's going on
You tried to once but you said you got too fucked up
Hear you're trying it again, don't you love to press your luck
You'll never know what's going on
Something inside tells you you're wrong
It's been festering for far too long
Track Name: Yer Gooseflesh
i am a washed up ham, but not the kind you hope for on a desert island when yer stranded and yer own flesh starts soundin' sweet
i'm a lump of coal, but not the kind that quenches that steam engine's soul when yer travelin' without movin' yer feet

there's no need to go on about it
just from lookin' it's already clear
yer gooseflesh is what brought you here

i may be a broken record since i ain't been runnin' around
though you'd like to think so

why did you do it, why are you here
you know it's not worth it, what's blockin' yer ears
too many questions, never enough time
i'm goin', i'm gon' to where the waters just wine
Track Name: About Sailin' Through
lotsa people been botherin' me
sayin' what you told them and me just doesn't agree
if talk is cheap, then what are we?
hows about we see somethin' less than free

c'mon, don't lie to me about sailin' through

leave before mornin', come back in spring
back & forth, summer / fall
what will winter bring with you gone
don't bother me with how long
keep sailin' through

leave, love. leave love.
&keep sailin' through
Track Name: Land Lubber
Why don't you write me anymore?
You used to sound so nice
I could hear your voice any time I'd like
I made that suffice

Were you just passing time?
It only goes to show, I should take your advice
and leave it alone

Who was right?
I was coming on strong as if you're leading me on
You were right.

Well it's gone now, baby
This is so long then, baby
It won't happen again
Track Name: Painting Trees Won't Help
I'm goin' to Polynesia
To see a pretty geisha
Who knows just how to place ya
Such an easy rider

Then it's back to California
Don't say I never warned ya
My traveling companion left me after Ireland

You must think I'm talking way too loud
I'm only tired of you guessing why I'm proud
There's only one way to go

I've been trying to defeat ya, but Death it's good to meet ya
Been hiding under bleachers
Where the dirt tastes like it should

Now do your woods boast 100 acres?
Host honey belly-achers?
Painting trees won't help relive an empty childhood

One last time to Carolina
The grass is always finer
Sure hope that I don't find her with a suitcase in her hand
(Sure enough I found her)

But you'll need water for to wake her
I already tried to shake her
The painted trees had thanked her like a sacrificial lamb
If she's gone to meet her maker put a suitcase in her hand
Track Name: Coffee At Midnight
Coffee at midnight, bourbon by noon
Been chasing the moonlight, how about you?
You said you'd be leaving, won't you tell me how soon?
Two months of island breathing left you eager to swoon

When I recall your smile all I see is what was spent
I used to dig your style now it fills me with regret
Just to think
I could have always been your pet

Through endless revision I'll mean what I say
I know what I'm missing, you won't go away
So it's coffee at midnight and draft beer at noon
Been drinking the moonlight, it's always empty too soon
Track Name: There There
There came a time where I wanted to die
There there
Track Name: Pale Blue Hair
I was lost
Too tired to sleep, too hungry to eat
Along came you
Admirably blue, hiding tongue in teeth

I asked your name, you said hey that's lame
I said 'Hey That's Lame' how do you do?
You asked the time, is that your only line
What a strange way to meet you

Don't look back now, we haven't come that far
I still care to ask how your day was
A few new things day after day
We probably shouldn't do all that much

I thought you'd lie in bed 'til 2
I thought you'd lie there with me, too

Imagining you & me: a perfect disaster

Your face is white
Your hair is, too
What ever happened to you?

I thought you died
I thought you dyed your hair blue
Track Name: No Nothin'
Try and stop me, I'll be leavin' today
A seven year inch worm no longer in yer way
Said there'd be 9, but I only count 8
Never enough, at least the clouds can relate

Found somethin' new on the back of my hand
I don't even know me and I'm my own biggest fan

Return the favour, cut me some slack
Can't move forward when every way is back
"I'll level with you when you leave me alone"
is the same way of sayin' "I've no use for a home"

When life shits it hits everyone
until you don't even want it around
Time will tell you time and time again
What doesn't hurt you will kill you in the end
Track Name: Let's Go To Hell Together
i'll tell you all about it
just as sure i'll probably shout it
but i'm bringing my baby back home
i told you i ain't playing
and there ain't two ways of saying
there ain't no use in trying to ignore
so leave that worried mind at the door

i've got time outta mind, pockets full of pride
and not much left to say
i wish you very well and i'll see you in hell
here's to hoping it's on judgement day

extra! extra! read all about it
i broke my own heart and got nothing out of it
i guess that's just the way the story goes
times are always changing
and some thoughts need replacing
there ain't no use in trying to ignore
so if you want me i'll be waiting for more

i've got time outta mind, pockets full of pride
and not much left to say
let's go to hell together,
we can tell satan "god got in the way"
Track Name: Love Can Be Cruel
Beyond yer years yet over the hill
Just cuz I won't don't mean no one will, they will
Still yes, there are worse things in life
than never being someone's sweetie

I don't expect you to expect anything from me

What's more to know?
Those younger girls spoiled my soul
Love can be cruel
I'd rather have no one than you

Yer hiding tears, I know how you feel
but the heart is never for to steal
If I told ya once, then I told ya twice
The truth can't always be told nice

I don't expect you to expect anything from me

What's more to know?
Those younger girls spoiled my soul
What's it to you?
I ain't the reason yer blue
I don't need to be told
I know you always reap what you sow
Love can be cruel
The one I want but can't have ain't you
Track Name: Gin Mills
a maritime merchant marine with 7 brothers twice as mean
while on a ship he fell from ladder-top broke his hip
they compensate him to this day
still he moved to the west coast to sue for better pay
he left his wife and kids for L.A.

now he spends his time getting drunk on another's dime
the gin mills keep his dreams at bay
i once went to visit him
but he just peaked at me through the blinds
10 years have passed still no reply
they say his well ran dry
that's all it took to blow his mind

copacetic diabetic
no veins; all shot away
it's the only way he found to ease the pain
Track Name: Richmond Hill Center
"Many Americans suddenly sick in foreign lands must get the same childlike yen, like Wolfe suddenly remembering the lonely milkman's bottle clink at dawn in North Carolina as he lies there tormented in an Oxford room, or Hemingway suddenly seeing the autumn leaves of Ann Arbor in a Berlin brothel. Scott Fitz tears coming into his eyes in Spain to think of his father's old shoes in the farmhouse door. Johnny Smith the Tourist wakes up drunk in a cracked Istanbul room crying for ice cream sodas of Sunday Afternoon in Richmond Hill Center"

--from Jack Kerouac's "Desolation Angels"